External Moldings / Vents / Accents
Please call us @ 715-387-6847 to place an order.
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This is an example of a 8-32 stud on 1/2" moldings. The 6-32 studs are used for the 1/4" moldings. Studs are $5 each.

These moldings are 1/2" wide, solid half round and ball milled in your choice of 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4" widths. CALL 715-387-6847 FOR A PRICE QUOTE.
Machined from solid type 304 Stainless Steel and can be used for interior/exterior moldings and accents.
Options for end configurations include the same as the half round. Recommended studs are an 8-32 x ¾" and are $5 each.

September 2014
Low profile moldings offer a lower height profile than the standard half round moldings.
They are solid, type 304 stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish.
Options for end configurations include the same as the half round. Recommended studs are an 8-32 x ¾" and are $5 each.
The cost is by the linear foot:
3/4" (3/16" thick) = $25/foot
1" (1/4" thick) = $30/foot
1 1/4" (1/4" thick) = $35/foot

NEW!!! January 2016
1/2" Low Profile Moldings
The cost is by the linear foot:
1/2" (5/32" thick) = $20/foot
More information available on the Low Profile Moldings page.

Moldings have a multitude of possibilities from McMillan Rod and Custom. Half round solid stainless steel moldings are available and made from solid, type 304 stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish. They can be used for hood side moldings, interior accents, running board strips or any number of other applications.
(CLICK on the 'Interior Moldings' page for additional information and pictures. Also, click on the 'Low Profile Moldings' page for another option.)

3/4" is $25/foot
5/8" is $23/foot
1/2" is $18-$21/foot (See Below)
3/8" is $24/foot
1/4" is $23/foot
1/2" is sold by total linear footage of order and is as follows:
Up to 3 feet is sold at $21/foot.
3-10 feet is $20/foot.
10-20 feet is $19/foot.
Over 20 feet is $18/foot.
Studs are extra. Call for quote @ 715-387-6847.
Bullet (pointed) shaped end

Rolled shaped end
Rounded shaped end

Straight shaped end

Universal Running Board Strip Kit:
5/8 inch for $495
1/2 inch for $435
Includes six pieces: (2) 42" and (4) 36" polished stainless steel half round strips with studs installed.
***Other lengths available; call for pricing.

The universal running board kit will fit most 1936 - 1940 Fords. Please measure prior to placing the order.

The grey '35 Chev has the Universal Running Board Kit installed along with the other two cars pictured above.

Short Running Board Kit:
5/8 inch for $435
1/2 inch for $395
Includes six pieces: (2) 36" and (4) 32" polished stainless steel half round strips with three studs installed on each strip. (These fit shorter running boards including Model A's and '32 Fords.)

32 Ford owned by Svein Sagebakken from Norway with 1/2" strips.

Short Running Board Kit in 5/8" molding on David Wilson's '32 Ford.

Here is a 5/8" Short Running Board Kit on Roger Richardson's '32 Ford from Folsom, CA. Roger likes the "OLD SCHOOL LOOK".

35 Chevy with a Short Running Board Kit.
This is a '29 Model A Coupe owned by Gerald & Nancy Rivale with the 1/2" short running board kit.

This is John Manyik's 31 Chevy with 1/2" short running board kit. NICE!

These are 1/2" half round strips on Tom Hundhammer's '42 Chevy Truck from Hawaii. The ends of the strips are rolled.

The 3/8" half round was used for the running board strips on this car. Photos courtesy of L'Cars from Cameron, WI.

This is our 1/4" polished, stainless steel moldings used as beltline trim on a '33 Ford.
'51 Chevy 5 wd. custom truck owned by Ed Rice, added our 1/2" half round strips. Two strips are 60" and four are 54".

1937 Ford hood side panel trim is a nice accent. Made from our popular 3/8" half round molding stock, they bolt into the stock trim mounting holes above and below the vents.
The set includes 4 pcs. @ 30-1/2" long with 5 studs each. Cost is $345 approx. depending on lengths needed plus s/h.
Dennis Gilman's 1937 Chevy running boards have our beautiful 1/2" trim that compliments the factory hood side trim.

Here are examples of our 3/8" stainless moldings for 1936 Ford hood sides.

3/4" trim on a tear drop trailer.

These are side body moldings on McDaniel's Coupe.

Owner, Dick Kenny, used our 1/2" half round as side moldings. Above are before and after paint pictures.

This is a 35 Chev grill that we built the perimeter trim out of our 1/2" stainless steel molding.

On the above picture, Tom Morden used 1/4" half round trim on his '34.

1946-1948 Ford Running Board Trim from 1/2" round molding stock. $239 for set of 2.

Bill and Ruth Ann Chaplis used our trim on their running boards and rear fenders.

Dave Bizzonnette's 1936 D2 Dodge Coupe from Ottawa, Canada with our 1/2" moldings.

Keith and Barb Williams added 1/2" half round trim to their '54 Ford pickup running boards.

1935 Chev of Michael DeWitt's from Louisville KYCurt Biro used our 1/4" trim on his ride.

1955 Ford F100 owned by John Blount with 1/2" half round strips

Duane Diez used our 1/2" half round moldings on his Chevy truck pictured above and to the right.

This is Dean Bayer's 39 Buick with custom strips.

The car below was showcased at 2015 NSRA Louisville Nat's with our beautiful moldings in and outside of this car.

This owner used our trim above the back bumper on his Falcon. Nice touch!

Above are pictures from Robert Dunkel's '39 Chev with 1/2" moldings on the head lights and tail lights.

This is our reproduction of a rare Ford option for 37 Ford Pickup Hoodsides.

New stylish, functional hood side vents. Precision built in the USA from type 304 stainless steel and polished to a mirror like finish. They are available in single, double, and triple units. They can also be used in applications where a little style and flash is desired such as: interior/door panel trim and motorcycle saddlebag accents. Sold in pairs with hardware included, easy bolt in installation after your vehicle is painted.

Price for triple is $249/pair, double is $149/pair and single is $99/pair.
The lid trim is built from 1/2" solid stainless steel molding stock, polished to a mirror like finish and comes complete with studs installed. The side accents are actually our popular hood side vent assemblies. Also made from high quality stainless steel, they add a little flash to your bags. $189 plus S&H.

These are moldings for the motorcycle "Hardpack" saddlebag covers made from our 1/2" half round moldings. On the right, they are shown on a Harley.